Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Are these libel?

1. “Megan Fox is a man!” Headline on Weekly World News Web site

yes - actually no, because weekly world news is not a credible website - it is known to be false information. no one believes it
2. “Up until the day he died, he was a brilliant writer. But the drugs made him a thief, a pimp and a liar,” said friend Karen Smith, who was with Johnson at the time of his death.

no - actually no - subject is dead so not libel

3. “In my opinion, Kevin is a murdering rapist,” the prosecutor told the jury.

yes - actually no - because of absolute privilege in court, if found out later statement was false, journalist wouldn't get in trouble because it was assumed to be true beacause of court.

4. "In my opinion, he's a murdering rapist," the man said at the rally.
no - actually maybe it depends on the context, who was the man, where he was etc.

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