Monday, November 1, 2010

What stories aren't being covered

Obama's Stimulus package - not getting proper coverage. has it created more jobs/economic movement. Wall-street bailouts - have they paid back the money. It was presented, went into effect but do we know what is going on. There's information out there that probably represents what is going on but is there much in main stream media that everyone would understand.

the fact that schools have the power to search kids at school for drugs/alcohol based on anybody making a claim...the school holds way too much power...also the kids in the other group at daughter's homecoming were at a restaurant downtown and one of the kids posted on to his FB that people were pretty hammered and the school monitored the FB's and found out and tried to get the kids suspended...that i don't think is being reported.

      - Mark Anderson, CKA creative Graphic Design. 

 1st story: I think I could report on this story or use this as an example. If I was writing about the trend of Presidents making promises they can't necessarily keep, or they keep them but the progress is small or unnoticed I could definitely write about this topic. 

2nd story: I think i could report on this because I know that this is very prevalent in schools today - overprotection from administration is getting way out of control. This is an important trend that I don't think people are aware of. 

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