Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Article questions on The New Gold Mine...

1. The author of The New Gold Mine: Your Personal Information and Tracking Data Online enriched the story by recording how her subject was so initially surprised when told of the information attached to her "code". That gives the reader a sense of how it can effect everyone. How if you were told how much information you gave up online you would probably react similarly, which makes the story easier to relate to.
2. The author says that online tracking is not new. That it has been around for decades, it has just recently gotten more intricate. When the author quotes David Moore he brings up a interesting point concerning the advertising world and how this form of data tracking advertising is gaining popularity and success. "When an ad is targeted properly, it ceases to be an ad, it becomes important information," he says. This suggests that advertisers goal is for their ad to become "important information" to the perfect audience. So this form of advertising is certainly becoming a trend for advertisers to stay in business. 

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