Monday, October 25, 2010

Show don't tell

One of the photos I chose was the second photo. It showed the entire town almost completely covered in water. It basically summed up the devastation to the main city as well as the residential area caused by all the flooding. You can see bridges coming in and out of the water, and freeways that simply just end into the water.

The second picture I chose was the shot of the thousands of people trying to get onto the bus going to Houston's Astrodome. You can see just a sea of people with exhausted and frustrated looks on their faces. Also you can see those carrying what remains from their personal possessions. It also looks like people are yelling at eachother and pushing forward.

"Thousands of people push forward in the unruly line waiting for a bus to Houston's astrodome. A desperate attempt to get out of town results in a chaotic eruption of tense frustration from the core of the crowd."

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