Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Math quiz

1. Last year, your business spent $83,000 for computer upgrades. This year, it will spend 5 percent less. How much will it spend this year?

2. The AP Style quiz was taken by 177 students. Twenty-three failed. What percent passed?

3. A college’s budget increases from $100 million to $120 million. What's the percent increase?
(New Value - Original Value)/Original Value
4. a. Times are tough on College Hill. Your pizza budget has been cut from $200 to $150. What was the percent decrease?

    b. Bonus! You win $50 in a local pageant. Your pizza budget just jumped from $150 to $200. What was the percent increase?

5. Last year, your property tax bill was $1,152. This year, it rose to $1,275. What’s the percent increase?
6. Research funding at WSU increased 40 percent this year to $218 million. What was the funding last year?
7. Joe Smith wants to build a 2,500-square-foot house for him. The builder tells him it will cost $112 a square foot to build. How much will the house cost?

8. Desperate for revenue, the government decides to increase the tax on beer. The tax was 5 percent. But now it's jumped to 6 percent.

     a. What’s the percent increase?
     b. What’s the percentage increase?

9. Let’s say someone wants to establish a University District. To gain support, he/she needs to establish that safety is a problem in the area. So, Pullman had 183 assaults last year. Spokane had 502. Spokane has 200,000 people. Pullman has 25,000. How do we compare those two numbers? Is the average person more likely to be assaulted in Spokane or Pullman? (Again, not real figures.)
Pullman: 0.0073 x 1000 = 7.3
Spokane: 0.0025 x 1000 = 2.51

10. Five houses sold in your neighborhood for the following prices: $225,000;  $207,000; $3.2 million; $129,000; $192,000.

     a. What’s the mean price?
     b. What’s the median?

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